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Early Years Foundation Stage (Nursery and Reception)

Mrs Francis is our Early Years Leader. She joined our school in 2019 from a school in the West of Newcastle-upon-Tyne and, with the support of the EYFS team, has transformed our EYFS provision.
In February 2024, Mrs Francis was appointed as Deputy Headteacher.
We welcome visitors to our EYFS so please come and see for yourself!
The Early Years Curriculum at ARFS
At Archbishop Runcie we recognise the need for a well- planned Early Years curriculum so that children’s experiences build seamlessly and consistently on previous learning. Our Early Years curriculum ensures that strong foundations are laid in Nursery with a stronger focus on the prime areas. Across Early Years children develop their skills and knowledge through engaging topics with clear outcomes. We recognise the importance of children contributing to their learning and their regular contributions shape the focus of topics which extends learning opportunities further. We place high importance on quality texts which are at the heart of our Early Years curriculum and further enrich topics and develop language. We value the importance of visits, visitors and real-life experiences which are provided through purposeful play. 
Our Early Years use Development Matters as a guide to inform planning and recognise the stage where children are. We have set clear milestones throughout Early Years to assess learning and ensure children are given the additional support if needed. Throughout Early Years there is a balance between play and formal teaching to ensure our children are ready for Year 1. We place a high focus on early language development, reading, writing, phonics and maths as well as social development.
  • Quality first teaching across all areas of the curriculum. 

  • Stimulating learning environments indoors and outdoors. 

  • Well planned and organised continuous provision which allows the children to learn through play. 

  • A carefully planned balance of adult-led and child-initiated learning opportunities. 

  • We promote a love of learning through real life experiences and opportunities to build on prior learning. 

  • High expectations and a consistent approach to behavioural expectations

  • Prioritising a language rich environment with the use of stories, songs and quality interactions.

  • Strong parental partnerships which empower parents to support their child’s learning at home. 

  • Reading is at the heart of all we do. Systematic approaches to teaching reading to ensure all children learn to read. High quality phonics teaching following RWI is started in Nursery and continued soon as children begin Reception.

  • High levels of engagement and motivation demonstrated from children which supports them to become lifelong learners. 
  • Confident and capable readers who demonstrate a love of reading. 

  • Evidence of strong links with parents.

  • Children demonstrate the characteristics of effective learning and are well prepared for the next stage in their learning.

  • Children feel happy and safe and enjoy coming to school. 

  • All children access a balanced and challenging curriculum regardless of their background, needs or abilities. 

  • Children make strong progress from their starting points and are offered a broad curriculum which meets each child’s unique needs.  

  • Children are supported by adults that are well trained and passionate about providing the best education for every child. 

  • The percentage of children achieving the GLD within the EYFSP is in line with or above the national average. 

  • The impact of our curriculum can be measured by the way our children develop into confident, resilient and positive learners who are excited by challenge and ready to continue their learning journey into KS1.