Year 1 2019-20

Summer 2 Home Learning
Hello Everyone! I have uploaded lots of new home learning resources which  you to do at home. 
I very much love seeing what the children get up to, so please feel free to keep sending me pictures and, with your permission, I'll put them here and/or Twitter :) 
As ever, please do not feel the need to do any of this - this is only here to help with childcare at home at this very challenging time in case you're looking for something to do.
The resources are organised by subject and will be updated often so please check back for new, exciting things for you to try at home.
Updates for Home Learning Pack
Spelling Focus -  Split digraph a_e.
This week could you practice these spelling which all have the split a-e sound in them. 
Thrive also provide a range of suggested activities each week to support children's well-being. 
Lost and Found
This week we are reading Lost and Found by Oliver Jeffers. You can listen to the story here;
You can use the story to help you complete the different activities.
Summer 1 Home Learning
Every Tuesday and Thursday at 10am #DrawWithRob post a draw along Art video for children and parents to follow. On Thursday 21st May Rob has decided to attempt to host the world's largest online art lesson. It will be an official Guinness World Records title attempt. If you would like to to take part please follow the link below to find out more details. 
This week is also Mental Health Awareness Week. The theme is kindness. 
Stories are a great way to help children understand the emotions they feel. Ruby's Worry is an excellent way to explain the importance of sharing thoughts and feelings. After watching the story, you could link this back to your child. Do you have any worries? If you could draw your worry, what would it look like? How can we make your worry smaller? 
A Little Spot of Anger is an excellent resource to explain what anger is and it gives a clear strategy to calm down. This may open discussions about anger and what makes them angry.
The Archbishop of York Youth Trust have released a series of free resources to use at home. The resources are designed for children to explore character strengths. The first, is on the theme Courage.
W/b 18.5.20
Extreme Reading Challenge
This week our school challenge is to do some extreme reading! Your challenge is to read a book in an unusual place or in an unusual way. Take a picture and email it to me so I can see your ideas. As inspiration scroll below to see my mine. 
Have fun! 
W/b 18.5.20
Good Morning everyone! 

I hope you are all well. This week we have two challenges. The first is an “extreme reading” challenge. This is where I would like you to read a book in an unusual place or in an unusual way. As an example, I have added a photograph of myself on our class page, reading in an unusual way. Be as creative as you like. Remember to send me a photograph so I can see what ideas you have come up with!!

Your second challenge this week is to find out all about the festival of Eid. You could watch this video; or follow the link to CBeebies to explore Eid and the preparation before Eid via their ‘Let’s Celebrate’ programme.

Eid is a time when Muslims are celebrating the end of Ramadan (fasting). Scroll or swipe down to find out more about Eid.


 To celebrate Eid, you could make Eid biscuits, create your own Mehndi pattern for a hand, make a Eid card or create a booklet, writing all of the things you have learned about Eid. I can’t wait to see how much you all learn. 

 Finally, Daft Day should have been on Friday this week. Can you do something daft and tweet it using #GSTdaft on Friday?

Looking forward to hearing from you all soon.

Love Miss Young xx

W/b 11.5.20

Good Morning Year 1! 

I hope you all had a fantastic bank holiday weekend and enjoyed the sunshine. It was lovely being able to get to chat to some of you again last week. 

On Tuesday it is International Nurses Day, which is celebrated on Florence Nightingale’s birthday. This week, I would like you to do a project all about Nurses. Could you find out why Florence Nightingale is a significant nurse that we remember? Can you celebrate the incredible work our nurses do as Key Workers? You could compare Victorian and modern day hospitals as well as finding out about the NHS. There are lots of activities and information on Twinkl, as well as BBC Bitesize which you may find useful. 

I look forward to hearing from you all soon. 

Love Miss Young xx 

W/b 4.5.20

Good Morning everyone!

I hope you’ve all had a great weekend. This week, we are celebrating Victory in Europe Day, also known as VE Day.

Can you please look at some pictures of VE day and find out some information then use what you have learned to create a fact file or booklet telling me some facts about it? BBC Newsround and Twinkl have some information you might find useful. Perhaps you could have your own VE Day party at home? You will need decorations and tasty treats!

Please tweet any pictures of your party and VE Day information books or email me pictures so I can see what you have been learning.

I look forward to hearing from you all soon.


Love Miss Young xx

VE Day Friday 8th May
Here is some information and activities you may wish to share with your child.
Additional Reading
Phonics play have released a website which includes a range of comics accessible for Year 1 children. The children will be able to work through the comics from phase 3, 4 and 5. I have also downloaded these comics and added them to the class page below. 
Music Resources
MPN Newcastle is proud to launch the "Local Heroes" Project, designed to support schools and young people with their online musical learning over the coming weeks. 
Each week, MPN Newcastle will set our young people, our very own local heroes, the challenge of responding to a different musical style in any way they wish. T o access these resources please follow the link below:
For Free School Meals applications please go to this website:
For parents who may wish to get additional computer equipment, see this link:

Additional Materials Beyond the Home Learning Pack

Here are some more materials that may be relevant to you:

Oak National Academy: 

This website contains the online lessons that the Department for Education have organised. Registration is free.

Talk for Writing pack (English):

These are some excellent English packs that are interesting and have a wide variety of subjects.

Robin Hood MAT (all subjects) packs (up to eight weeks!)

This has a range of great suggestions for activities that are easy to organise.

BBC Bitesize

They now have daily lessons including some by celebrities!

White Rose Hub Maths Home Learning

This website is one of the best resources for Maths home learning available. This is more personalised to home use than the 'small steps' sent out in Home Learning Packs which is more akin to school use.

Hello everyone!

I hope you are all well and had a fun Easter. I did! Thank you for all my Easter cards and messages.

This Thursday is St George's Day. I wonder if you can listen to the story

then write a sentence to describe George and a sentence to describe the dragon? You can send me a photo of your work or an email.

I look forward to hearing from you all. Have fun!!

Stay safe, missing you all.

Love from Miss Young xx

Summer 1 home learning
Hello everyone!
I hope you all had a lovely Easter break! In this learning pack I have included a topic web to give you an idea of the types of units we would have covered this half term.
As always, this is not compulsory so please do not feel that you have to complete the work. The learning pack is just to give you guidance and activities that you could do at home if you wish.
I appreciate that many of you are juggling childcare and working from home. I think during this challenging time, it is more important for you and your child to stay happy, healthy, have fun and stay safe.
I am very much missing my Year 1 class! I have loved receiving photos and messages of what the children have been getting up to at home. Please feel free to keep sending them to me and, with your permission, I'll add them here and/or on Twitter.
Please don't hesitate to contact me if you need anything at all.
Miss Young   

Good Morning Year 1!

I hope you are all well.

As it's almost Easter, I wonder if you might all like to decorate a hard boiled egg (or empty hard boiled egg shell or egg shaped stone) and send a picture to me or put in on Twitter? Or you might prefer the challenge of creating your own pirate? This could be as a drawing, painting, model, cake, collage etc. Use whatever resources or equipment you have available to you (twigs, leaves, boxes, play dough, old materials) literally anything! Be as imaginative and creative as you like. Remember to give your pirate a hearty name and when your creation is complete send me a picture so I can see what you have made.

I'm looking forward to getting some emails from you!

Have fun!

I look forward to hearing from you soon,

Miss Young xx

Spring term home learning.
Welcome to Reception! Find out what we are learning about here