Year 1 2019-20

Welcome to Reception! Find out what we are learning about here
This term we are learning about 'Bugs in the Garden'. We have read lots of stories such as Norman the Slug with a Silly Shell, The Minibeast Bob, What the Ladybird Heard and Arghhhh Spider! Here are some of the things the children did during this topic. 
 So far this term, we have started to learn about superheroes. We have begun to explore the story ‘Supertato’ and the children have been very excited to learn about Supertato’s adventures and quest to catch the Evil Pea. 
In Reception, we have been having a think about how human can have an impact on the environment. We have spoken about ice caps melting and the effects it has on polar bears and we discussed what can happen if plastic ends up in the sea. We looked at pictures that showed plastic pollution and talked about what we could do to stop this. The children came up with ideas such as recycling and putting the plastic in the bin and making unwanted plastic into something useful, which I thought was an excellent idea! 
Today we dressed up as superheroes to celebrate reaching the end of the year and for definitely being read to move up into Year 1 in September. The children had a dance of and showed off their amazing superhero dance moves, as well as watching a movie and being treated to popcorn and other treats. Well done Reception I am so proud of all of you, Miss Baharie!