Year 1

Thursday 14th January 2021

Happy Thursday Year 1!
We have jobs in phonics, English and Maths this morning and then your afternoon jobs include history and spellings. This spelling job is not linked to our phonic sound for the week - it is an additional spelling rule!

Thursday is new sound day, our new sound this week is 'aw'.
I would like you to write this 3 times in your book underneath each other and the practice spelling the words:
Can you think of your own 'aw' words?
Then I would like you to write a sentence using one of these words. There are some examples on the PowerPoint but I would like you to have a go at writing your own sentence with a capital letter and full stop!

If you had a go at editing your work yesterday well done! If not, don't worry your job today is to edit a sentence that I have 'tried' to write.
Can you help me fix the sentence?
Once you have fixed my sentence, can you make it better? Add in some exciting adjectives to describe!

If you did edit your work, now is the time to use your neatest writing and write it in your blue home learning book with all of your improvements!

Maths: We are completing the second part of the maths sheet today. So here is the video link:  You need to complete questions 4, 5 and 6 in your home learning book. If you have already completed this task, I would like you to think of your own number sentences using one teen number and then one number between 1 and 10. Can you complete a part whole model for that sum?

Our WALT (We are learning to) in history today is to 'Compare sources from the past and the present.' Look at the sources (attached). Can you see which sources are from the 1960's (the past) and which ones are from the 2020's (the present)? How are they different? How are they similar?
I would you like to pick two sources so you might pick the televisions and the dolls, then compare the two televisions and the two dolls. How have they changed?
You could start your sentences with:
The *televisions* are similar because....
The *televisions* are different because....
If you are up for a challenge, I have attached a 'Use your Head' which is also a comparison task.

We are going to look at the spelling rule 'Words ending with the /f/, /l/, /s/, /z/ or /k/ sound in English almost always have double consonant.' Can you complete the activities on the PowerPoint in your home learning book?

Have fun!
Miss Davison :)

Wednesday 13th January 2021

Hello Year 1!
I hope you are all okay, we are missing seeing your smiling faces in school!
Today you have jobs in phonics, English and maths then this afternoon we have computing and PE.

Wednesday is tricky word day! I would like you to practise spelling/reading these words in any way that you can think!
Can you spell..
Can you read...
Why not put a timer on and see how many times you can write that word in a minute?


Today is our edit lesson, this is something new for us in Year 1. Look over your story from yesterday or ask a grown up to 'mark' it for you (if they have time!). What mistakes could you correct? Do you need to change any spellings? Could you include any more words with the 's' suffix? Try your best to edit your work using a pen. Tomorrow, you will redraft this neatly (including your corrections) in your home learning book.

Alternative English: 

If you are finding the edit task a little tricky, have a go at writing a senses story from the perspective of Bob. What can he see/feel/smell/hear/taste? 

Maths: In maths today we are looking at 'Adding ones using number bonds'. Here is the video link:  I have attached a worksheet to complete in your blue home learning book - please only complete page 1 as page 2 is tomorrows activity! It is important in this lesson to think about the stem sentences... If I know that... I know that... For example: If I know that 6 + 2 = 8 I know that 16+ 2 = 18 What do you notice about these addition sentences?

Using your login for complete lesson 2.

Here is the link for the video:  I have attached the worksheets for this lesson. This is a tricky task but just have a go!

PE: Why not join in with Jumpstart Jonny and get your heart racing?  alternatively, you could go for your daily walk with your grown up or do so an activity that you love such as dancing or football!

Miss Davison:)

Tuesday 12th January 2021

Hello Year 1!
This is your work for Tuesday 12th January. Today you will have jobs in phonics, English, Math's and then this afternoon you have some jobs for RE and an additional phonics session. Please remember that if you are struggling for time, it is most important that you complete your phonics, English and Math's activities. All of the work provided can be completed in the children's  home learning book. 

On a Tuesday in phonics, we play a game to consolidate our sound from the week. Please play a game on phonics play, the sound you are focusing on is the 'ue' sound. Can you sound them out and blend them? Alternatively, I have attached a PowerPoint in which you can sound and blend the 'ue' words.

Today in English, you are going to be using your plan from yesterday to write your story. So this is where you need to use full sentences and use your non-negotiables which are: capital letters, full stops, finger spaces and neat handwriting! I am looking to see if you use your words with the 's' suffix! I will try and send you a virtual star for each 's' suffix you use!

Maths: We are continuing 'Adding by counting on' so here is a video link for you to watch  There is a worksheet that you can complete in your blue home learning book! I am also going to attach a video just explaining the tens frames as there is a particular way in which the children should complete it.

In RE today we are looking at 'What might the characters from the Parable of the Lost Son feel?'. I am attaching a 'child friendly' version of the Parable of the Lost Son (a grown up might need to read this with you). This is a story that Jesus told and Christians read this story through the Bible! I would like you to think about how each character feels and add describing words about the character e.g. sad, angry. Then see if you can write a sentence about how each character feels.
I have added some challenge cards that you could discuss with your grown up!

Additional Phonics:
I have sent some phonics mats that you can complete over the course of the next couple of weeks! So for today please complete mat 1 in your book. This is revision of our phase 3 sounds so you should be able to complete this by yourself!

If you have finished your activities, you can spend some time on IXL, spelling shed or Timetable Rockstar's. There is also a range of additional activities sent out yesterday morning that you can try!

It is extremely important that you continue to read while at home. I am going to send out some resources for books online that you can read at home! I would love it if your grown up could send me a short video of you reading an extract of your book (just a page or two) so I can see how you are getting on and try and give you some next steps and feedback. 

Miss Davison :)

Monday 11th January 2021

Good morning Year 1 ,
I hope you had a brilliant weekend and you are ready to start a new week!
This work is for Monday 11th January but as explained in the newsletter, it is being released early so you have all the information and resources for the morning!
Our jobs today include: phonics, maths and English and then this afternoon we are continuing our science topic and then we have some handwriting practise.

On a Monday, we usually practise our spellings so I have attached a powerpoint to explain that the ‘oo’ and ‘yoo’ sounds can be spelt as u-e (not covered yet), ue and ew. If words end in the /oo/ sound, then it is likely that they will be spelt ew or ue. There is a few activities that you can do to practise your spellings!

So last week in English we starting to create a list on words that had the suffix 's' on the end to make them plural. Today we are going to use them words and plan a retell of our story 'Man on the Moon: day in the life of Bob', so you are going to be Bob.
This is the structure that you can follow:
First (What does he have for breakfast, how does he get to work)
Then (What can he see on his way to work)
Next (What does he do at work)
Finally (Bob heads home)
The aim of this writing is to include words with the 's' suffix,. This does not have to be in full sentences as that will be tomorrows job, so just use bullet points (I have attached an example)

Maths: We are starting our new topic, Addition and Subtraction (numbers up to 20). Our first lesson is an 'Add by counting on activity'. Here is a link to the video lesson:  It has an activity that you can complete at the end using cards and a dice to count on- see if you can complete that activity. Then I would like you to get some concrete resources: this could be pasta, toy cars, dolls, dominoes, anything that you have at home and practise counting on using those resources to help you, I have added some questions at the end of the PowerPoint that you can complete (this can be using the resources, it does not have to be written down).

We started our materials topic last Monday altogether in school so in todays lesson we are looking at 'Identifying materials and understanding their link to everyday objects'. I have attached a PowerPoint and a worksheet (this has 3 sheets but please just choose one to complete). In this lesson, you should now be thinking about how different objects can be made of the same material- is there anything in your home that is made of the same material? You might want to go on a material hunt around your home!
Challenge: how do you know something is made from wood/glass/plastic/metal?

Have a go at copying these letters into your book and then following the pattern! Take your time to ensure you form your letters correctly.

Have a brilliant day, I can't wait to see all your work!

Miss Davison :)