STEM week

7th April 2017
STEM Week has been a brilliant experience for the children and staff this week. We have had a wide range of visitors who have talked to the children about their work, shared activities and introduced them to many new ideas and concepts.
Among the visitors we have had have been IT professionals, designers, neuroscientists, a geneticist, an orthopaedic surgeon, a GP and many more. At the beginning of the week when asked ‘What does a scientist look like?’ many of the children said things like, ‘old, wears a white coat and goggles, has white hair’ and almost all said male! It will be interesting to see how their views have changed by the end of the week.
Our grateful thanks to all parents and other contributors who have helped broaden the children’s horizons this week. The experience has opened up a whole range of ideas about future careers and some highly interesting conversations with the children.