Our Vision, Ethos and Values


Our vision is to be a school which transforms and inspires the minds and hearts of those we teach, and through these young people to transform the wider world.  We want everyone associated with our school to find inspiration and encouragement to grow in knowledge and wellbeing, to experience the ‘abundant life’ promised by Jesus and grow in the love of learning. 


Ethos and Values

The ethos of our school is its character as manifested in our attitudes, aspirations and values.  Collective Worship lies at the heart of our life. The values of the school are Love, Honesty, Openness, Kindness, Compassion, Forgiveness, Thankfulness, Endurance, Determination and Integrity. 

The impact of these Values:

For all

Goodness underpins this school. We value the importance of friendship, mutual trust, and forgiveness as we encourage each other to uphold and pursue empathy, understanding, perseverance, bravery and integrity. Staff, governors, children and their families are expected to support and extend an atmosphere of respect, courtesy and the love of learning.

For Children

Supportive and caring relationships are key in a child’s development and their flourishing. Recognising that every child is uniquely called by God, we aim to enable our young people to develop inner strength and resilience, be able to adapt to change, learn from their mistakes and so be ready for the next stage in their life journey.

For Staff

The child is at the centre of our concern as staff. Recognising each child’s God given unique and individual strengths, we encourage the school to be a vibrant learning community where there is inspirational and accountable leadership at all levels and where all children flourish through excellent teaching of a creative and inspirational curriculum. Staff work together as a close team and are supported by parents and governors.

For more information on Christian values and Church school distinctiveness you may like to visit www.christianvalues4schools.org.uk