Our Mission

We exist to educate and inspire young people. We aspire to achieve excellence in the standard of education and care we provide, to help ensure that all of our children grow to become confident, secure, caring individuals who aim high, deliver their best and develop a deep desire for independent and lifelong learning.

Christian values are at the core of teaching and culture.  We believe this makes our school distinctive in the learning experience it offers. We welcome all children and staff, of all faiths and none, at our school.

The School motto that reflects our vision and mission is ‘Love to learn, learn to love’.


School Aims:

The whole school community will work together:

  • To offer academic challenge whilst enabling all to flourish;
  • To offer a breadth and depth of learning;
  • To create a caring learning environment in which the uniqueness and individual worth of each member is recognised and developed.
  • To enable each child to be resourceful and to adapt to change in preparation for their future, by stimulating their sense of curiosity and excitement about the world;
  • To build and promote Christian values, encouraging children to be confident and flexible in relationships, able to deal with conflict, to show love, forgiveness and respect for others;
  • To encourage links between the school, home, our parishes and the wider community;
  • To place collective worship as a shared experience at the centre of the school's daily life;
  • To strive for the highest standards of achievement in all areas of school life and to nurture children to look with compassion on the world.