Nursery 2019-20

Nursery 2019/2020
Home Learning
Hi all! The top part of this page is related to the home learning tasks available to you, should you wish to use them. These activities are not compulsory but are here to give you some ideas of the things we would of been learning at Nursery. I am missing you all so much and can't wait to see you all again, hopefully very soon. I have enjoyed seeing all of your photos you have uploaded to Tapestry so please continue to send me pictures via Tapestry, email or Twitter. Thank you for all being Stay at Home Superheros. Stay safe and well and please feel free to contact me via email if you need anything at all.
Mrs Francis
Home Learning Update
Summer 2 Home Learning
Thrive provide a range of suggested activities each week to support children's well-being. 
Extra Information
If you currently do not recieve free school meals, but believe you may be entitle to this, applications can be found by following the link below; 
For parents who require additional computer equipment, requests can be made through Newcastle City council by following the link below; 
Home Learning Photos
Thank you for sharing all of the things you haven been getting up to at home.
Additional Online Resources Beyond the Home Learning Pack
Recommended home learning resources
The Department for Education have released a list of recommended home learning resources. These can be found by following the link below. 
Oak National Academy
They have also launched  the Oak National Academy, which provides free online daily lessons and resources. Although there is no Nursery section, most of the Reception lessons are applicable to Nursery too! This can be found by following the link below.

Robin Hood MAT (all subjects) packs (up to eight weeks!)

This has a range of great suggestions for activities that are easy to organise.

White Rose Hub Maths Home Learning

This website is one of the best resources for Maths home learning available. This is more personalised to home use than the 'small steps' sent out in Home Learning Packs which is more akin to school use.

Music Resources
 MPN Newcastle is proud to launch the “Local Heroes” Project, designed to support schools and young people with their online musical learning over the coming weeks.  

Each week, MPN Newcastle will set our young people, our very own local heroes, the challenge of responding to a different musical style in any way they wish.  To access these  resources please follow the link  below



Nursery Message Week 6 - 18/05/20

Hi Nursery,

How are you all? I hope you are all having lots of fun in the garden while the weather is nice!

This week Muslims all over the world will be celebrating Eid. Eid is a Muslim holiday celebrated when Ramadan, the month of fasting, finishes. Eid lasts three days. During this festival, children accept gifts and money from adults. It is an occasion intended for enjoyment, forgiveness, and feasting. Below is a link to CBeebies to explain Eid and the preparation before Eid via their ‘Let’s Celebrate’ programme.

Maybe you could make an Eid card. I have added some Eid card templates to the website for you to try.


Also, this week our school is having an extreme reading challenge. This is where you read in an unusual place or in an unusual way. Look at Extreme Reading on our class page to see pictures; I am reading on a motorbike and Mrs Brown is cycling whilst reading.


It would be brilliant if you could get involved and upload your extreme reading photos to Tapestry, twitter or email them to me.


Thank you for being a Stay at Home Superhero!

Mrs Francis

Extreme Reading
Our school challenge is 'Extreme Reading'. To join in, find the most unusual place or way to read and send us a photo via Tapestry, email or twitter. We look forward to seeing all of your entries. Below are pictures of Mrs Brown and I extreme reading. We can't wait to add your photo too!
Nursery Message Week 5 - 11/05/20

Hi Nursery,

I hope you are all happy and enjoying the sunshine. Did you have fun celebrating VE day? I had a lovely afternoon tea in the garden!

This week it is Christian Aid week – Love Unites us all. Have a think about how you can show your loved ones near and far, how much they mean to you?

On Tuesday 12th May it is International Nurses Day. Nurses and Doctors all over the world are working really hard to keep us all fit and healthy. Maybe you could colour a picture to place in your window to say thank you for all of their hard work.

You could also set up your own toy hospital at home and think about all the different things a Nurse would do to look after their toys! The Little Princess becomes a nurse in this episode and helps maid feel much better!

I hope you have lots of fun learning at home this week. Thank you for your pictures on Tapestry. I love to see all of your hard work.

Thank you for being a Stay at Home Superhero!


Mrs Francis

Nursery Message Week 4 - 04/05/2020

Hello Nursery,

I hope you are all well. It has been lovely to see all of your pictures on Tapestry. You have all been very busy!

On Friday 8th May it is the 75th anniversary of Victory in Europe day. On VE day there were celebrations all over the country and most streets had a huge street party. Although we can’t have a street party this year, you can have at Stay at Home VE Day Party (hopefully in your garden if the sun shines!). You could help the grown-ups to make sandwiches and fairy cakes to enjoy!

A party definitely needs decorations! You could make your own Union Jack flag to wave and bunting to decorate your home or garden. I have put some templates onto our class page for you to use or you could make your own. I have also included a Spitfire glider template. Maybe you could see how far your Spitfire plane can fly!

I cannot wait to see all the fun you have at your Stay at Home VE Day Party!

Stay safe Superheroes!

Mrs Francis

VE Day Resources 

Nursery Message Week 3 – 27/04/2020

 Hello Nursery,

How are you all? I am well and enjoying the sunshine. Lots of you are also enjoying garden days and I have loved seeing all of your pictures and videos on Tapestry. I am missing you all and can’t wait to see you all again.

On Wednesday 29th April it is National Postal Workers Day. I am sure you have seen the postman or post lady delivering letters to your home, but lots of people are involved in helping your letter or card get to your letterbox. Auntie Mabel and Pippin go and discover the journey a letter takes in this episode of Come Outside.

Maybe you could draw a picture and write a note to stick to your door or window to say thank you to your postman or post lady? Or maybe you could post a letter to a friend of family member to tell them how much you love them?

Have a go at sorting the letters and parcels in the Postman Pat sorting game.

Have fun and thank you for being a Stay at Home Superhero!

Mrs Francis x

Nursery Message Week 2  - 20/04/2020

Hi Nursery,

I hope you have had an amazing Easter with you family and have indulged in lots of chocolate eggs! Thank you for uploading your pictures to Tapestry, it has been lovely to see all of the wonderful things you have been doing at home.

This Thursday is St George’s Day. Therefore, this week’s challenge is to listen to the story of St George and the Dragon. After the story you could draw a picture of St George and the Dragon or make a St George’s Day flag.

You can listen to the story here

Let’s celebrate - St George’s Day

Thank you for being a Stay at Home Superhero!

Take Care

Mrs Francis

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Spring 2

Nursery Message – Week 1 30/03/2020

 Hi Nursery,

I hope you are all well and i miss you all like crazy! It has been lovely seeing all of the things you have been up to on Tapestry. As it's coming up to Easter I thought it would be nice to get creative. Can you design a hard boiled egg or you could decorate an egg shaped stone? I would love to see your designs so please post them on tapestry and Twitter.  Have fun and stay safe.



Mrs Francis

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