Tuesday 12/01/2021 - Home Learning


Today I wonder if you could do some counting around your home. Can you count to 5? Can you show the amount on your fingers? Can you do 5 jumps? Remember to stop when you get to 5! I wonder if you could invite 5 of your teddies for a tea party! If you invite 5 teddies, how many cups will you need? If you would like to challenge yourself even more, I wonder if you could find other things around your home to count? How many chairs do you have? Can you count your stairs, all the way to the top? I have added a link to a counting game for you to play. Count the yetis, then click on the correct number. Remember if you do not recognise some of the numerals, start at the beginning of the number line, at the top of the page and count up until you reach the number you need.,%20support&title=Count%20the%20Yeti%201%20to%2010

At Nursery we are reading Freddie and the Fairy. I have added a link to the story for you.

There are many rhyming words in this story, can you listen very carefully and see if you can hear some of the rhyming words. Freddie ask for a cat, but instead he got a……..? At the end of the story Freddie gets an ape, I wonder if you can guess what he had really wished for? Remember it has to rhyme! Can you draw a picture of something you would wish for? I wonder what Bessie-Belle would send instead? I can’t wait to see your pictures!

Have Fun!

Mrs Francis
Monday 11/01/2021 - Home Learning
We are missing you lots but seeing all of your photos makes Mrs Brown and I smile, so thank you for sharing!
Its been very cold, but I hope you enjoyed playing in all of the snow. This week in Nursery, we are continuing our topic on Cinderella. At Nursery we have been trying very hard to use our scissors to cut around objects. I have attached some Cinderella pictures for you to cut out and create a story board. You can use these pictures to tell the story of Cinderella to someone in your home. Remember to hold the paper with your other hand and stay as close to the line as you can when cutting around a picture.
I have also added a Cinderella game. Can you get Cinderella to the ball? You will need a dice. You can play this on your own or with someone else. Remember to count the spots on the dice, you need to touch each one and say the number out loud.
Have fun
Bye for now!