Our Mission

. . . founded on the teachings of Jesus Christ, is to serve the local neighbourhood and the wider community through education.

School Aims

The whole school community will work together:

  • To create a caring learning environment in which the uniqueness and individual worth of each member is recognised and developed, as an expression of the love of God and as a witness to our Christian faith;
  • To enable each pupil to achieve their full potential in preparation for their future, by stimulating their sense of curiosity and excitement about the world;
  • To build and promote Christian values, encouraging children to develop relationships which reflect love, forgiveness and respect for others;
  • To encourage links between the school, home, our parishes and the wider community;
  • To place collective worship as a shared experience at the centre of the school's daily life;
  • To strive for the highest standards of achievement in all areas of school life.

As a school we are committed to life long learning for pupils, staff, governors, parents and the local community. Through this commitment we will enrich the educational experience and personal development of all those involved in the life of our school.