Head Teacher's message board

9th January 2018

Dear parents/carers

Happy New Year and best wishes for 2018 to you all - I hope you enjoyed some family time during the holidays. Thank you very much for the kind Christmas gifts and cards and messages we received. Thank you also for your support at the end of last term - it was very busy with the Christmas celebrations including the Christmas performances, our church carol service, Christmas lunches, parties and disco, which were all a huge success. I certainly found my first Christmas at our school very special, and I hope you enjoyed it all as much as I did. It was a pleasure seeing the children in so many different celebrations and events. The children have quickly settled back into the school routine very well after the holidays and celebrations.

Early Years Update

Reception class staffing – unfortunately we were informed at the end of last term that as Mrs Atkinson was not well enough to return in January, she decided she would not be returning to our school. I do keep in touch with Mrs Atkinson and she is getting better.

Miss Melanie Stokes started back in Reception yesterday and will be covering Mrs Katie Law’s maternity leave until the end of the summer term. Miss Stokes knows the school very well, being the Reception class teacher last year and working in our school previously. This will provide the consistency in our early years as she also knows many of the children and families.

Nursery – the children thoroughly enjoyed their Christmas lunch and now have the opportunity to stay regularly for lunch. Yesterday was their first day and they were excellent sitting together, chatting with their friends while eating their meal.

We welcome four new starters in Nursery this term. Due to having vacant spaces in Nursery, we are now admitting nursery children the term after they are three which is the age at which children can legally access their 15 hours free funded nursery education.

As the numbers of children increase, we are able to appoint another Teaching Assistant to work in the early years. Mrs Senior works part time in school and will continue to work in the early years Tuesday and Wednesday mornings. We are in the process of appointing another Teaching Assistant for the other three mornings.

The next nursery admissions date will be after the Easter holidays. If you do know of any children who turn 3 years old before the Easter holidays, please encourage them to contact the school. In the recent parent questionnaire regarding nursery provision, a significant number of parents expressed an interest in 2 ½ days rather than 5 mornings. Therefore, in order to strengthen our Nursery provision and increase sustainability for the school, in September we will be offering, depending upon demand, our Nursery places more flexibly, full days as well as the 5 mornings. This will also enable the school to offer the 30 hours free entitlement that some parents may be entitled to. Again, if you know any parents who would wish to access full days rather than 5 mornings, please ask them to contact the school.

Thank you for your continued support. If you have any questions, please come to see me.

Mrs Henry